Subject to the provisions of the Act and the Statutes, the executive powers of the University including the general superintendence and control over the institutions of the University shall be vested in the Syndicate. Which shall have 44 administrative and academic powers and 19 financial powers. The Syndicate shall be the chief executive body of the University and it shall consist of the following members, namely:

  • The Chancellor
  • The Pro- Chancellor
  • The Vice-Chancellor
  • The Pro- Vice-Chancellor
  • The General Secretary of DH Managing Committee
  • The treasurer of The Managing Committee
  • Fifteen members nominated by the Chancellor from the Senate of whom:
    • Eight shall be persons who are the members of the Committee.
    • One shall be the Principal of affiliated colleges
    • Two shall be from the persons having outstanding ability in academic or administrative fields.
    • One Hudawi Graduate
    • Three members who are the Heads of Departments of Darul Huda Islamic University.

The members of the Syndicate other than ex-officio members hold office for a term of five years from the date of their nominations.