Independence Day Celebrations in Darul Huda UG Colleges



Darul Uloom Islamic Da`wa College, Thootha

Thootha: India’s 71 st Independence Day was celebrated in DUIDC Campus expressing the patriotism and passion towards the country. Working Secretary of Asasul Islam Sangam, Adv. Abdul Salam Sahib hoisted Indian Flag on morning. After Flag hoisting National Anthem was sung and Naseeh Hudawi Valamboor gave words of Independence Day Message. Principal Swalih Hudawi Thootha presided over the function. The entire students reaching 240 numbers attended the function arranging them such an attractive manner showing ‘71 INDIA’. The celebrations included Quiz Competition, Special Talk and Prayers remembering the freedom fighters, Collage, Book Exhibition and Documentary Show. The whole program were organized and conducted by IHSAs- Students’ Union. Shamseer Kidangayam gave welcome speech to the function as Riyas Panayathil gave vote of thanks. Manager Muhammed Ali Master, A. Latheef Hudawi, Muhammed Ali Faizy, Swafwan Hudawi, Saeed Hudawi, Shareef Hudawi, and Shabeer Hudawi attended the function.

Malik Deenar Islamic Academy.---------------------------------------------------------------

Independence Day Celebration at Malik Deenar Islamic Academy. Committee vice president k.m. Basheer Sahib hoists the flag.

From Islahul Uloom Arabic College
-------------------------------------------------------------------Malik Deenar Islamic Academy, Thalankara-------------------------------------------

Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab gives away Ibnu Khaldun award ( award is given for one who actively contributes more to reading and writing) to Ziyad, degree final year student

Malik Deenar Islamic Academy celebrated Independence day with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion. The programme was graced by the presence of Panakkad Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal. The function was presided over by T.E Abdulla. Principal Siddeeqe Nadwi made welcome speech. Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab inaugurated the programme and interacted with students on how the new arising scenario in India should be faced. Thangal presented Ibn Khaldun award( This award is given for one who actively contributes more to reading and writing) to Ziyad Belinjam, degree final year student.  Followingly Thangal released the handwritten magazine published by first class students. Basheer Vellikkoth presented key-note speech on different aspects of freedom struggle and muslims' role.

-----------------------Darul Irfan Islamic Academy .Pandikkad--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cheif guest OM karavrkund