Bright start for DSU working year


Varsity Campus: Marking a new phase for the union, Sayyid Abbasali Shihab Thangal officially inaugurated the organizational activities of DSU working committee. “The scholars of tomorrow need to cope with the issues of modern world. Hence they should be well-equipped and prepared to face the challenges of time. It is praise worthy that Hudawis are playing their role in the community actively. ”

The distribution of union membership was also inaugurated by Abbasali Thangal. Then a jurisprudential work by PG lecturer Ibrahim Faizy Karuvarakkund, namely Acharangalum adisthagnangakum (rituals and basics) was released during the ceremony.

PG dean KC Muhammed Baqawi presided over the ceremony while President Jasim Kondotty and Secretary Abdul Latheef Palathungara delivered the opening and ending addresses respectively.