Anti Muslim trend in historical records; Dr K K N Kurup


Tirurangadi: Calicut university former VC and celebrated historian, Dr K K N Kurup stated that it is undeniable that there is a growing anti Muslim trend in historical records of Kerala. He added that these anti Muslim historians have a pivotal role in bringing  the colonial historical records written on vested interests into the mainstream of authentic Kerala history.  His request was that the new generations should come forward to disclose the real history instead of writing in accordance with the selfish interests. He was inaugurating the history congress contected by Darul Huda Islamic University UG students’ union. The congress was organised on “Mappila art and literature and papers were presented on different aspects of the topic. The so called Mappila song researcher, Faisal Elettil presented wonderfully about the formation and historical growth of Mappila songs in the closing ceremony.