Varsity set up Hijra grand assembly


Varsity campus: welcoming the new year of Hijra DSU & Asas jointly set up Hijra grand assembly here on Sunday. University vice chancellor Dr. Bahaudheen Nadwi delivered the key-note address while PG dean KC Muhammed Baqawi presided over the function.

“Hijra was not a mere journey. It was a mission laid for the upliftment of the truth and was for the protection of faith, every history believer has much to learn from Hijrah”- VC conveyed during his address.

Also, PG dean KC Muhammed Baqavi recited Dikr of the New Year. The current president KP Jasim Kondotty took pledge for New Year. Yoosuf Faizy, principal of SMS, director of NIICS Raffeq Hudawi, registrar of DHIU Jabirali Hudawi, Hassan Kutty Baqawi, Abdul Qadir Faizy, Ishaq Baqawi and Ibrahim Faizy presented in the stage.