One day Zainul Ulama Fiqh Seminar at Darunnajath Vallapuzha on February 18.


Vallapuzha: Islamic jurisprudence is the most important and obscure knowledge stream and we want the world based Fiqh scholars when the importance of jurisprudence strategists is increasing. Samastha General Secretary Prof. Alikkutty Musliyar said in his inauguration speech at the One day Zainul Ulama Fiqh Seminar at Darunnajath Vallapuzha on February 18.

 The seminar was conducted by Degree final year students union ZAIN associating with Darunnajath Students Union NADIA. Samastha Treasurer CKM Swadique Musliyar presided over the seminar stating that those who don't understand Islamic jurisprudence with the exact sense, are promoting unIslamic concepts. Samastha Central Mushawara member Nellaya Kunhumuhammad Musliyar performed the prayer. Samastha Palakkad district president Sayyid KPC Thangal and Sayyid Imbichi Koya Thangal both delivered blessing speeches.
G.M Salahudheen Faizy delivered Zainul Ulama remembrance speech in the inauguration session at 10.00 AM. Some scholars who are eligible to answer for the challenges against Islam in the new world must come up to mainstream. Salahudheen Faizy stated in his speech.

About three hundred representatives from various Islamic institutions including Arabic colleges and Darses participated in the seminar which was conducted as four sessions.
MK Jabir Ali Hudawi addressed the venue in the first session on "Maqasidushareea". Famous Islamic economist Ziyaudheen Faizy spoke in the second session name on "Interest and Islamic banking".
Darul Huda PG Dean KC Muhammad Baqavi spoke in the third session on "Modern instruments and jurisprudence". And the closing session 'An introduction for Shafee'i Fiqh' was led by Jafar Hudawi Kolathur.