New leaders for ASAs


The list of new elected leaders for Darul Huda Islamic University UG students’ union. Al Huda Students’ Association (ASAs ) for 2017-18 academic year published. The list was out by SMS Principal Yusuf Faizy Melmuri in a public function recently, which was the result of a heated polling.

New core committee members are(25th working committee) :Ashiq ibrahim Amminikkad(President)Rizwan Chelari(Vice President)Shammas muthuthala(Vice President)Muhammed Ziyad karad(General Secretary)Muhammed Afnan Pukayur(Joint Secretary)muhammed Anees Kamblakkad(Treasurer)Abdul musawir  Vazhayur (Finance Secretary)

ASAs acts a pivotal role in nurturing the inborn skills in students by a vast array of programmes within the campus and outside. So, we are sure that this committee will have plenty of commitment and confidence to find out the skills and to instil them in grassroots’ level.