Hisan Students’ Conference’17 on "Islam Modernity Survival"


Hisan Students’ conference is an academic venture to discuss upon colonial modernity and its hazardous impacts over Islamic intellectual circles and it calls for survival from the intellectual subjugation to the western moulded mind. Thoroughly it searches for  and analyze the solutions hypothesized by contemporary Musim scholasticism against modernity concepts namely Individualism, Freedom, Equality, Industrialization,  Secularism, Nationalism, Positivism, Rationalism, Extremism, Humanism, Scienticism , Feminism, Orientalism, Liberalism and much more, which the world religions had widely faced issues  often after renaissance period. The issues are being roughly scrutinized here at hisan students conference 2017 with a scrupulous eyes to delineate on how Islam responded to them, practically and theoretically.

The event navigates through contemporary scholars, works, ideas which responded to the modern world and their relevance holding a defensive and relevant works drawing the topic Islam: modernity and survival and thus triggering a new venue. The three day seminar is comprised of six sessions which handle with the new motions of Islamic culture from innovated Quranic interpretations, intellectual and critical debates to western Islamic aspects and orientalism. Towered personalities like Sa’eed Ramadan Buti and Ali Assauni and Ali Goma and etc. are interpreted here with an open eye towards traditionalism. Papers go on fathoming the dichotomies of Islamic conception through ideals.