Certificate in Moral Studies


The Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET) is an initiative under Darul Huda Islamic University to provide more services in the public education sector and to facilitate various educational and training courses for the public.

The Certificate in Moral Studies is the initiative of CPET to provide religious education to female students at higher secondary level.


Women's society plays an important role in the social empowerment sector. This course is designed to prepare the best women and mothers. Only by going through the education system women can give the best and most generous direction of the next generation and to develop them on the right path.

This goal can be accomplished with the knowledge of physical knowledge and proper discipline.

Our Recognized Institutions

1         CA 0116      Enlighten Islamic Women’s College, Chengani

2         CA 0216      Zainiyya Arabic College, Perumpatta

3         CA 0316      Khidmath Women’s College, Edakkulam

4         CA 0416      Alwarda Women’s College, Vengara

5         CA 0516      Gallant Institute for Girls, Cheekode

6         CA 0616      Zainul Ulama Women’s College, Pullipparamba

7         CA 0716      IDN Junior College, Chiramangalam

8         CA 0817      Iqra, Thamarassery

9         CA 1017      Alfouz Academy, Nellikkaparamba

10       CA 1317      Darul Azhar, Koduvally

11       CA 1417      HSM Higher Secondary School, Tanur

12       CA 1517      Uswa Women's College,  Ramapuram

13       CA 1617      Alwarda Women’s College,  Kaithakkad

14       CA 1717      Alwarda Women’s College , Venniyur

15       CA 1817      Alwarda Women’s College , Munniyur

16       CA 1917      Jabalunnur College, Perambra

17       CA 2017      Guidance Women's College, Mylappuram

18       CA 2117      Uswa College Éfor Girls, Edayur

19       CA 2217      Iqrau Islamic Women's College, Palamadathilchina

20       CA 2317      Rahmaniyya College, Padne

21       CA 2417      Zahra Islamic Women's College, Pallikkara

22       CA 2517      Zahra Islamic Women's College, Mathilakam

23       CA 2817      IFRA Women's Islamic Academy, Waynad



This diploma was designed by the Centre for Public Education and Training, an extension of the University for Public Education, aiming at providing leadership training for Imams and Khatibs, who lead the religious activitiesof the Muslim localities. The program also envisages transforming them into positive catalyst for bringing changes at grass root level, by enabling them to enhance their skills in workmanship. It equips them with basic psychological tools helpful for anticipating the trends among the people and act accordingly through Islamic ways.

The one year diploma program provides practical sessions, counseling tips, effective public speaking, leadership quality, professional modes of social service and a three-day long residential camp at the end of the course. Certificates are provided to those who successfully complete the program requirements.

·         Total seats in a batch : 40

·         Intakes per year: 2

·         Deadline for Application to Rabee’ Semester: Shawwal 25

·         Deadline for Application to Ramadan Semester: Rabee’ al-Akhir 25

·         For Details: +91 8089158520


Any individual who has one-year experience, as an Imam or Khatib in a Muslim locality is eligible to apply for the program.

Course Duration

Duration of the program is one year. A total number of 125 creative hours are allotted for face to face instructions. Coaching sessions take place once in three weeks, starting from Maghrib prayer on Monday and ending by 3pm on Tuesday. After completing 110 creative hours of coaching sessions, candidates are required to attend a compulsory three-day camp, which possess 25 creative hours.

Course Fee

The tuition fee of the program is INR 5000. However, 50% of the fee will be provided as a grant for eligible candidates either by interested sponsors or by the University.

Examination and Evaluation

Evaluation process of the program is based upon the continuous assessment of the course assignments, projects, classroom activities and classroom participation.  It stresses on three out puts of the course:

a.       Knowledge Development.

b.      Skill development.

c.       Practical Application.

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Trainers’ Training program for women

This program is designed aiming at preparing trainers among women to accelerate the women empowerment programs at grass root level. It equips them with basic psychological tools helpful for anticipating the trends among the people and act accordingly through Islamic ways. The program provides practical sessions, counseling tips, effective public speaking, leadership quality, professional modes of social service etc. The program is devised in 12 orientation workshops. The Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET) coordinates the program.


The purpose of this course is to shape a bunch of talented women propagators who are capable to educate the folks around them with Islamic values. The candidates of the program are trained with certain Islamic values that make them confident enough to live a good social life, capable enough to play the role of an ideal woman, wife, and exemplary model of a good mother.The program is coordinated by the Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET).

The course offers following subjects:

·         Jurisprudence of the Women (Fiqhunniswa)

·         Aqai’d-ul- Islam (The beliefs of Islam)

·         Self-purification (Tasfiayat al-nafs)

.          Usrat-ul- Muslim (family of a Muslim)

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DHIU is committed to help the Muslim community, especially adolescent generation, accomplish cultural and educational values so as to empower them in all walks of life. In order to fulfill this aim,vacation camps for outer Darul Huda adolescent boys and girls have been designed and conducted in April and May in every year. The course is mainly comprised of career guidance coaching embedded with higher Islamic inputs so as to help them find ways to a good career and work for a bright future.The Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET) coordinates the program.

The course offers following subjects:

·         Career Guidance

·         Life Skill Education

·         Islamic Personality Development


Happy family workshop is conducted under supervision of experienced trainers aimed at giving the participants tips for leading a happy family life. In every month, four workshops are conducted in authorized centers of the Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET). Main subjects handled in the workshop are:

·         Developmental Stages

·         Adolescent Management

·         Pre & post Marital Training

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