PG SUBJECT REGISTRATION; Instructions and Links


Read and understand carefully……

  1. The whole PG scholars including NIICS and semester out scholars are requested to complete this application on time.
  2. At any cost, don’t select the papers which you opted and successfully completed in previous semester.
  3. Please note the restrictions if you have in Elective (Choice) block. (Like Dirasa for Da’wa dept.)
  4. No repetition in semesters. Ie, if you failed or missed the first semester, now you are admitting to second semester. Later you will be admitted to fifth semester if needed with course fee.
  5. Please keep the preference order (Eg. Don’t select  جمع الجوامع 2  before 1 جمع الجوامع)
  6. Note please the message “The subject has been successfully registered” after each submission. You can check your registered subjects by clicking “View Registered” icon in the left side of the page. After your full registration, you can download your status.
  7. A scholar can select only one paper and one teacher from a subject block except ‘فقه المذاهب’ in general block. The one who selects the prescribed paper has a chance to select two different teachers. (Shafie followers shouldn’t select Hanafi teacher and vice versa).
  8. For registration please visit 

The online registration will be on 09/11/2019 Saturday as following:

            4th, 5th & 6th Semester: Between 10:00am and 12:00pm

            3rd Semester              : Between 12:30pm and 01:30pm

            2nd Semester              : Between 02:30pm and 04:30pm  

  1. First semester students’ registration will be on another time.

Changing of paper or editing in the details after subject registration will cost Rs. 200 for two papers and Rs. 100 for each paper.