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75 Students at Assam Campus
Released on August 13, 2016

Having successfully passed a viva-voce conducted in the last June, 75 students out of 300 candidates were admitted to the Assam off-campus of DHIU. The whole strength of Assam campus of Darul Huda is comprised of more than 200 students from various parts of the northeast including Assam, Meghalaya, Manippur, boarders of Bhutan and Nepal. Sayyid Mueenuddin Hudawi, principal , inaugurated the class commencement session in the campus.

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The Kerala Local Administration and Minority Affairs Minister Mr. KT Jaleel visits DHIU
Released on August 07, 2016

ISIS militants are Anti-Muslims, says KT Jaleel.

The Kerala Local Administration and Minority Affairs Mr. KT Jaleel stated that the ISIS militants were the virtual disfigurers of Islam, and had turned into a dangerously mobilized group whose perception of Islam is clearly antithetical to its own convictions.  Talking in a reception organized by DHIU, he blatantly condemned the serial murders of ISIS all over the world who remark themselves as vigilante killers. 

Islam is a clear-cut conviction that encourages pluralism and social harmony. It severely excludes intra-religious and inter-religious conflicts and invariably calls for a life premised on peace, unity and harmony giving no room for terror and murder. The militant and terror outfits like ISIS who perpetrate mass hate crimes in the disguise of Islam must be characterized as anti-Muslims, he added. He promised that the Waqaf board of Kerala was ready to promptly earmark a special amount for the educational development of Muslim Keralites. The session was inaugurated by Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammad Nadwi, the Honourable Vice Chancellor of DHIU.

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Sayyid Munawwarali urges to strengthen Muslim educational development programs among Indian Muslims
Released on August 06, 2016

Sayyid Munawwarali urges to strengthen Muslim educational development programs among Indian Muslims.
Haveri (Karnatka): 
The class starting program of the fourth off-campus of DHIU was inaugurated at Haveri in north Karnataka, by Sayyid Munawarali Shihab Thangal, Chairman of the National Project Series of the university.
As the educational development programs carried out by DHIU are meant to bring about social improvement through out the country, he announced that the total support of whole society was urgently needed. The education, he added, was the only key tool to realise a faster and full fledged improvement of the community in the country. It is only the social awareness yielded through value-based education that acts instrumental for peaceful co-existence in the composite culture of India, he added.

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Hearty Congratulations dear Abdul Gafoor Hudawi on your great achievements
Released on July 30, 2016

Darul Huda Islamic University got an unprecedentedly proud moment here on Friday when Mr. Abdul Gafoor Hudawi Ponmala, DHIU's 14th batch alumnus and former lecturer got a rare chance to address UN General Assembly at the UN head quarters in New York conducted by United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

Mr. Gafoor,  a PhD scholar at Center for Arabic and African Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi, was one of 60, who were selected to have the opportunity out of 3600 candidates from 165 countries all over the world. As this is the third program of this kind conducted by UN, Mr. Abdul Gafoor achieved the golden chance due to his notable performance in the prestigious international " Many Languages, one world" essay contest.   

Despite he could not attend the program physically due to some unexpected blocking technicalities, he addressed UN General Assembly via a pre-recorded video footage. 

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The collective revolutionary initiatives in the field of combined education will provide new orientations, Says Sayyid Hyderali Shihab
Released on July 28, 2016

It turned an absolutely festive occasion when exactly 940 new comer students got enrolled into DHIU central campus and  various co-institutions throughout Kerala.

In all co-institutions, different reputed scholars  delivered their first lectures  officiating the new comers' entry to the secondary level of DHIU curriculum.

Inaugurating the entry of new students in the state level, Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal stated that the revolutionary initiatives of Muslims premised on the idea combined education were ideally conducive to provide a new orientation for socio-cultural development of the community.  

" The Darul huda model of education that essentially epitomised the actual tradition of Islam is imitable for Muslim all over the country and will contribute immensely to the full-fledged development of the community", he added.

The session was presided over by Sayyid Muhammad Koya Jamalullail, the president of DHIU.

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Classes Commenced in SHIA, the New affliate of Darul Huda
Released on July 22, 2016

Kuttikkattur: Shamsul Huda Islamic Academy (SHIA), a newly affiliated co-institution of Darul Huda Islamic University got inaugurated  by Sayyid Swadiq Ali Shihab Tangal here on Friday. The SHIA, an old orphanage campus started as a memorial of Shamsul Ulema E.K Aboobakkar Musliyar, and situated in the midland of Calicut, was recently affiliated to DHIU.

In an inauguration session presided over by Sayyid Basheerali Shihab Tangal, the Chairman of orphanage committe, Dr. Bahauddeen Mudammad Nadwi delivered the first lecture for the whole newcomers reciting the first chapter of Mathn -el- Arbaeen, the renowned Hadith collection of Imam al-Nawawi.  A further lecture was also delivered by Jabir Hudawi, the Registrar of DHIU in a session presided over by Rahmathulla Qasimi Muthedam. 

The newly prepared library of SHIA was inaugurated by handing a copy of Quranic translation and commentary in Malayalam authored by Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammad Nadwi, over to Sayyid Basheer Ali Shihab Thangal.

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Thousands of candidates attended Darul Huda entrance test.
Released on July 13, 2016

Chemmad: Being the first Islamic University in the southern India, Darul Huda Islamic University again proved its popularity while thousands of candidates attended the entrance test for the admission test to its Secondary level. The number of candidates who attended the test remarkably exceeded this year a limit of 3000. The entrance examination centres were set up throughout Kerala, as four of them in Malappuram district and the others in various districts including Kasaragod, Kannur, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernamkulam and Thiruvananthapuram.


The admission to the Secondary level is offered only for high scorers in a written test and a viva voce which are held in all examination centres at a time. The tests for DHIU Women’s College and Hifz-el- Quran College will be held today in the central campus of the university. The detailed results of all entrance tests will published in the official website of DHIU at

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Vice Chancellor attends Iftar Party hosted by the Kerala Chief Minister
Released on June 30, 2016

Prof. Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi, the Vice Chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University, attended an Iftar Party hosted by Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala. His participation was answering the official invitation representing the University.

Kerala Governor Justice P Sathasivam, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala, former chief ministers Oommen Chandi, V.S. Achuthanandan, ministers, representatives of different religious, social and academic organizations and government officials attended the Iftar.

First of its kind organized by a Communist Chief Minister, the Iftar party was held at the Banquet Hall of Kerala Legislative Assembly in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday evening, 29th June 2016. 

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Eventful end for Hadia Ramadan Speech
Released on June 26, 2016

Chemmad: The third episode of Ramadan Speech Series, organized by HADIA, the alumni association of DHIU ends eventfully reminding the whole turn out of the immense value of betterment of soul and spirit. In a five day long program that held in the central campus of DHIU, public spiritual lectures were delivered by Simsarul Haq Hudawi and Mustafa Hudawi Akkode in a variety of social topics.

 Inaugurating the final day program, Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal stated that the cultural and social development of the community indispensably depended upon the initiatives for the sake of educational reformation. Comparatively assessing the educational status of Kerala and North Indian states, he emphasized the need of acquiring total support of the community in the reformatory affairs of DHIU throughout the country. He publicly called for the support of the whole Muslim community of Kerala for such activities in the field of quality education. Dr. Bahavuddin Muhammad Nadwi, the vice chancellor of DHIU presided over the session.

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The anthology in commemoration of Cherussery Zainuddin Musliyar released
Released on June 22, 2016

Chemmad: An anthology of collected Arabic poems in commemoration of Cherussery Zainuddeen Musliyar, the former general secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama and pro chancellor of DHIU was released here in Hidaya Nagar by Sayyid Rasheed Ali Shihab Thangal and V.P Saidalavi Haji. The anthology, which is absolutely different of its kind with its total conformity to the laws of Arabic classical poetry, was published by Al-Huda Students’ Association (ASAs) and appears to be a piece of treasure added to the tradition of Arabic Poetry in Kerala.

A vibrant Cherussery Zainuddeen Musliyar with his valuable Sufi thoughts, different phases of life, memories with renowned early Muslim leaders, contributions as a final word in Islamic Jurisprudence in Kerala, has been beautifully manifested in the anthology, which is penned by famous Arabic Poets, DHIU students, his old students and other great personalities.