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Vice Chancellor urges to employ the combined system to revolutionize Muslim education.
Released on January 06, 2017

New Delhi: The revolutionization of Muslim education by applying the combined system through out the country be considered a remedial step for solving the cultural and social backwardness of Muslims, says Bahavuddeen Muhammad Nadwi. He was addressing the DHIU national gathering at Fountain International Coaching Centre, in Timur Nagar. 

A few political parties in India are allegedly trying to cash in on educational and social  backwardness of Muslims, he accused. He said that it was in order to face this predicament that Darul Huda had launched a combining of traditional knowledge with the secular knowledge, and was out to launch the model all over India. 

Shujath Qadiri, the General Secretary of  Muslim Students Organization, Imran Ijaz, the State secretary of Indian Union Muslim League, Muhammad Umar Goutham, the Secretary of Islamic Dawa center were among participants. 

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The newly-built academic building of DHIU Bengal campus was inaugurated.
Released on December 02, 2016


Muslims must take part in nation building process, Says Hyderali Shihab Thangal.

Bhimpur, (West Bengal)

The newly-built academic building in the off-campus of DHIU, West Bengal was inaugurated by Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal, the Chancellor. 

 Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal said that Muslims should painstakingly take part in the nation building process process premised on ideas like religious freedom, democracy and human equality. In a public gathering presided over by Bahaudheen Muhammad Nadwi, He emphasized that the Muslim students should come out with ventures that involve themselves in strong administrative system of India. He, while addressing the public soon after the inauguration session, asked the students' generation of the Muslims to assure their presence in significant positions like military and civil services. Since education is the key factor of sustained development of the entire society, the Darul Huda model of education implemented in Kerala is also meant to spread all over the country including Bengal, he added.

He also laid foundation stone for a proposed Masjid in the campus. The deputy minister for minority affairs and Madrassa education Muhamad Giyasuddin Mulla and the Fisheries Minister Chandranatha Sinha were invited chief guests. 


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Released on November 24, 2016


Darul huda students union is working as the coordinating factor between the UG colleges of Darul huda Islamic university . DSU aims the educational innovation and academic growth of Darul huda students. To bring out the fresh researchers on the significant fields of Islamic studies, DSU organizes an academic conference on “Branches of knowledge in Islam: growth and development” . The conference focuses on the different fields, areas and discussions of the subject. For this, we invite expert and interested students to share and expose the relevant viewpoints related to the conference theme.


Islam has a great legacy of knowledge transmission in the world. It produced its own culture in the knowledge. The contribution of Islam in the knowledge culture can’t be erased. It contributed dozens of branches of knowledge, hundreds of libraries, thousands of scholars and lakhs of books to the world with in the few centuries. Though the area is wide and large, still the major parts in this area remain un studied and unnoticed. The conference aims to set a wider platform for expert and interested students to exchange their knowledge related to the sub themes of the conference.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Different branches of knowledge in Islam like Thafseer, Hadeeth, Aqeeda, Fiqh etc
Stages of growth of Islamic branches of knowledge
Important scholars and Kitabs in different areas
Influence of external culture and branches of knowledge
Methodologies in writing Kitabs
Participation of non Muslims in different fields of Islamic branches of knowledge
Modern scholars and contributions
Growth of Islamic branches of knowledge and scholars in India


Abstract submission deadline         : 20/12/2016

Notification of accepted abstracts  : 22/12/2016

Full paper submission deadline      : 3/01/2017

Seminar                                          : 7/01/2017


The medium of conference would be only in English, Arabic and Malayalam. Papers submitted in other languages will not be entertained.


Senior Secondary, Degree students of Darul huda UG colleges


Authors will be given 10- 15 minutes for presentation of the paper.


For the accepted presenters, food will be provided during the conference period. The participants will be responsible for their travel expenses.


University auditorium,

Darul huda Islamic Univesity,

Chemmad, Malappuram, Kerala, India


All Communications related to this Seminar are only to:

 For more information:  9847 905 677

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Vice Chancellor attends Arab-Asian Global Higher Education Summit
Released on October 24, 2016

 Kuala Lumpur: Prof. Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi, the Vice Chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University, attended the Arab-Asian Global Higher Education Summit organized by the Association of Arab Universities. A meeting point for Vice Chancellors and Rectors of universities from Asian and 60 universities from the Association of Arab Universities (AArU), the four-day summit was held at University Science Islam Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

      During the summit, the Vice Chancellor held a special meeting with Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, Secretary General of the AArU, and discussed the possibilities of various collaborations.

      After the Summit, the Vice Chancellor departed to Brunei Darussalam to attend as an invited guest at the convocation ceremony of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, with which DHIU was signed a memorandum of understanding recently.

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Thajriba 2016 marks a history
Released on October 22, 2016

Thajriba 2016 one day muallim workshop conducted by hadia national education council here in DHIU assam centre marked a history. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Zubair Hudawi in the presence of syed mueenudheen Hudawi. Quarih swabir Ahmed and Prof. Rafeequl Islam conducted training classes for the muallims. About 100 makthab teachers from different parts of assam participated.


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DHIU signed MoU with UNISSA, Brunei Darussalam
Released on September 20, 2016

DHIU signed MoU with UNISSA, Brunei Darussalam

Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi, the vice chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University (DHIU), signed a MoU with Sultan Sharif Ali University (UNISSA), Brunei Darussalam after his talk in the International Islamic conference held at the university campus between September 20-22.
The MoU mainly focuses on academic co-operations between DHIU and UNISSA. Rector Dr Haji Norarfan Bin Haji Zainal represented UNISSA to sign in the MoU.

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75 Students at Assam Campus
Released on August 13, 2016

Having successfully passed a viva-voce conducted in the last June, 75 students out of 300 candidates were admitted to the Assam off-campus of DHIU. The whole strength of Assam campus of Darul Huda is comprised of more than 200 students from various parts of the northeast including Assam, Meghalaya, Manippur, boarders of Bhutan and Nepal. Sayyid Mueenuddin Hudawi, principal , inaugurated the class commencement session in the campus.

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The Kerala Local Administration and Minority Affairs Minister Mr. KT Jaleel visits DHIU
Released on August 07, 2016

ISIS militants are Anti-Muslims, says KT Jaleel.

The Kerala Local Administration and Minority Affairs Mr. KT Jaleel stated that the ISIS militants were the virtual disfigurers of Islam, and had turned into a dangerously mobilized group whose perception of Islam is clearly antithetical to its own convictions.  Talking in a reception organized by DHIU, he blatantly condemned the serial murders of ISIS all over the world who remark themselves as vigilante killers. 

Islam is a clear-cut conviction that encourages pluralism and social harmony. It severely excludes intra-religious and inter-religious conflicts and invariably calls for a life premised on peace, unity and harmony giving no room for terror and murder. The militant and terror outfits like ISIS who perpetrate mass hate crimes in the disguise of Islam must be characterized as anti-Muslims, he added. He promised that the Waqaf board of Kerala was ready to promptly earmark a special amount for the educational development of Muslim Keralites. The session was inaugurated by Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammad Nadwi, the Honourable Vice Chancellor of DHIU.

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Sayyid Munawwarali urges to strengthen Muslim educational development programs among Indian Muslims
Released on August 06, 2016

Sayyid Munawwarali urges to strengthen Muslim educational development programs among Indian Muslims.
Haveri (Karnatka): 
The class starting program of the fourth off-campus of DHIU was inaugurated at Haveri in north Karnataka, by Sayyid Munawarali Shihab Thangal, Chairman of the National Project Series of the university.
As the educational development programs carried out by DHIU are meant to bring about social improvement through out the country, he announced that the total support of whole society was urgently needed. The education, he added, was the only key tool to realise a faster and full fledged improvement of the community in the country. It is only the social awareness yielded through value-based education that acts instrumental for peaceful co-existence in the composite culture of India, he added.

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Hearty Congratulations dear Abdul Gafoor Hudawi on your great achievements
Released on July 30, 2016

Darul Huda Islamic University got an unprecedentedly proud moment here on Friday when Mr. Abdul Gafoor Hudawi Ponmala, DHIU's 14th batch alumnus and former lecturer got a rare chance to address UN General Assembly at the UN head quarters in New York conducted by United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

Mr. Gafoor,  a PhD scholar at Center for Arabic and African Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi, was one of 60, who were selected to have the opportunity out of 3600 candidates from 165 countries all over the world. As this is the third program of this kind conducted by UN, Mr. Abdul Gafoor achieved the golden chance due to his notable performance in the prestigious international " Many Languages, one world" essay contest.   

Despite he could not attend the program physically due to some unexpected blocking technicalities, he addressed UN General Assembly via a pre-recorded video footage.