Foundation stone laid for Darul Huda Maharashtra off campus

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  • Empowerment of Muslim minority, initial aim: sayyid hayder Ali shihab

Mumbai: Darul Huda Islamic University chancellor sayyid Hayder Ali Shiha laid foundation stone for fifth off-campus to be built on 2 acre land, bought by varsity authority.

Empowerment of Muslim minority through educational revolution and thus, awakening them in religious-social and political sectors, is aimed by Darul Huda Islamic university through establishing off-campus in various states, stated Hyder ali shihab thangal, inaugurating the public conference held after the foundation was laid. We have to create a generation engaged in creative thoughts and activities, in our nation, he added.

Thangal also clarified that the only one solution for the degradation of minority is to awaken them, and thus the educational model of Darul Huda should be spread nation-wid. Dr Bahaudheen Muhammed Nadvi, vice chancellor of the university, presided over the ceromony

Sayyid Muhammed Koya Jamalullaili, vice president of the university, Dr. U.K Muhammed, HaJI U Shafi haji, K.P Basheer Vadakara, Nisar Ayancheri, Navas KP, Bishrath Khan Alahabad, Dr Aslam jamshad puri, V.C.P Bava haji chiramanglam, Sharafudheen chiramangalam, Abdul Kadhar Haji Mukkula and many others attended the programme. Ali Hashmi Beevandi did the invitational speech and Nasar vellila conveyed vote of thanks. Program was also attended by members of Darul Huda managing committee and representatives of Hadia, university alumni association.

Institutions are established in other districts as part of Darul Huda’s national project. Currently, off-campuses in Punkanoor, seamandra, Bhimpoor inBhirbhum district, west bangal, Baisa in Assam, hangal in northern Karnataka and affiliated colleges in Kashipatna, Karnataka, madanoor are run by the university.