Vice Chancellor urges to employ the combined system to revolutionize Muslim education.

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New Delhi: The revolutionization of Muslim education by applying the combined system through out the country be considered a remedial step for solving the cultural and social backwardness of Muslims, says Bahavuddeen Muhammad Nadwi. He was addressing the DHIU national gathering at Fountain International Coaching Centre, in Timur Nagar. 

A few political parties in India are allegedly trying to cash in on educational and social  backwardness of Muslims, he accused. He said that it was in order to face this predicament that Darul Huda had launched a combining of traditional knowledge with the secular knowledge, and was out to launch the model all over India. 

Shujath Qadiri, the General Secretary of  Muslim Students Organization, Imran Ijaz, the State secretary of Indian Union Muslim League, Muhammad Umar Goutham, the Secretary of Islamic Dawa center were among participants.