The Kerala Local Administration and Minority Affairs Minister Mr. KT Jaleel visits DHIU

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ISIS militants are Anti-Muslims, says KT Jaleel.

The Kerala Local Administration and Minority Affairs Mr. KT Jaleel stated that the ISIS militants were the virtual disfigurers of Islam, and had turned into a dangerously mobilized group whose perception of Islam is clearly antithetical to its own convictions.  Talking in a reception organized by DHIU, he blatantly condemned the serial murders of ISIS all over the world who remark themselves as vigilante killers. 

Islam is a clear-cut conviction that encourages pluralism and social harmony. It severely excludes intra-religious and inter-religious conflicts and invariably calls for a life premised on peace, unity and harmony giving no room for terror and murder. The militant and terror outfits like ISIS who perpetrate mass hate crimes in the disguise of Islam must be characterized as anti-Muslims, he added. He promised that the Waqaf board of Kerala was ready to promptly earmark a special amount for the educational development of Muslim Keralites. The session was inaugurated by Dr. Bahauddeen Muhammad Nadwi, the Honourable Vice Chancellor of DHIU.