Educational initiatives are meant for social enlightenment, says Bahavuddeen Muhammad Nadwi.

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New Delhi: The educational initiatives must be focused on fulfilling the enlightenment of the whole society, said Bahavuddeen Muhammad Nadwi. 

Addressing a two- day conference  in connection with the silver Jubilee celebrations of American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (A.F.M.I.O), he added that  the social and cultural enlightenment were possible only through the revolutionary educational initiatives. The national project of DHIU was, he announced, meant for the achievement of such educational aims. 

The session was presided over by the president of A.F.M.I.O. Siraj Hussein, the former Vice Chancellor of Hamdard University and Dr. Akhtarul Vasi, the Vice Chancellor of Jodhpur University delivered special speeches. In the conference, Some notable figures of certain educational achievements were awarded golden medals.