Thajriba '17 and Thaqveem '17 wind up in style

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Guwahati: An emphatic closure for Thajriba'17, teacher's training workshops for moral school teachers,and Taqweem '17, Mahalllu (Village) empowerment programme.  Hundreds of moral school teachers and Mahallu representatives took part in the camp which was conducted in two venues in Darul Huda Assam centre. The various thought provocative sessions including village empowerment, ideal moral school and ideal teacher, were lead by Rashid Gazzali, international trainer and Noufal Hudawi Karnataka, principal Quwwat ul Islam Arabic College, Mumbai. Sayyid Mueenudeen Hudawi Darul Huda Assam centre principal, Suhail Hudawi HADIA project coodinator of Assam, Firos Babu Hudawi, Asker Ali Hudawi, Saddam Husain Hudawi Hyderabad, Nousif Hudawi, Sharafudden Hudawi and Meeran Kashif Hudawi Karnataka were also present.