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The 5th SIBAQ national art fest ran by Darul Huda Islamic University opened its grandfinale witnessing majestic renditions of cultural art items on 25 January with hoisting 32flags followed by demonstrative processsion labelled under every competing instiutions ofregional and national identity . Inagurating the arts fest Syed Haider Ali Shihab Thangal,chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University stressed the significance of integrated forms ofart manifestations in the modern world and how art form an scholarly identity in the globalcultural milieu. Introducing the sibaq he inspired the students to have a healthy outlook atthe art festivals.

The large contestant arts fest comprises more than three thousand candidates in 192 items.SIBAQ grand finale is all set to bring together three thousand candidates from twenty statesunder five roofs at Darul Huda Islamic University. The grand opening was on 25 Januarywith hoisting 32 flags followed by demonstrative procession labelled under everycompeting institutions of regional and national platform. The 2019 edition of Sibaq is opento all forms of artistic performances including Kaviyarang (Poetry recitation), triangular debates, Ghazal, Kadahkadanam(history narration) and Padakshari(Malayalam spelling bee) .

Addressing the guest speech V. Musafar Ahammed, the laureate of Kerala SahithyaAcademy referred "The distinctive nature of SIBAQ arts fest is it offers an insight intoclassical and modern culture and the discrete performances in the progressive muslimsociety " . The opening session was felicitated by Dr. T Abdul Majeed , registrar CalicutUniversity , M.P Navas kalpetta , general seceratary of MSF state committee and P. RamshadPonnani, general secretary K.S.U state committee.