Dr. U. Bapputty Haji Central Library provides state-of-the-art library facilities including wide range of books, journals and resources related to all disciplines of religious and secular importance, Online access and vast reference section. The books in four languages i.e. Arabic, English, Urdu, Malayalam is available in the library. The library facilities facilitate the researches on various subjects. DHIU is determined to transform this into one of the major Islamic library in south India.

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This fully automated section deals with the issue and the return of the documents and membership management using the Barcode Membership Identity Card System.

General books

Its function is the display and maintenance of books that could be issued for the registered members. The whole section is arranged in four languages i.e. Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam.


Both Indian and foreign journals magazines, newspapers and weeklies are available in this section.

Reference section

The library has vast reference collection consisting of various encyclopaedias, multi-lingual dictionaries, yearbooks, atlases, handbooks, thesis and manuscripts.

Online library

Cyber facilities are available in the library as it provides the access to the online surfing and special arrangements have been done to this end.


Through the OPAC service of digital searching, the user has easy access to the facilities and the materials of the library. Details of books and the availability could be checked through this system.
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Digital Resource Centre

Digital resources centre has been established to cater to the needs of the research scholars. Vast amount of online books and soft materials are available in the resource centre.

Audio Visual Centre

This has been created to enhance the research studies of the scholars and the improvement of linguistic skills for the students. The huge collection of audio and video materials have been hand picked by resource persons.