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Nahjurrashad Islamic College (NRIC)believes in the gradual development of an ideal islamic institution, a bastion of islamic tradition with difference, and a heritage of education par excellence. 
The most significant among various roles played by the Prophets of Allah was spiritual and intellectual refinement of the Muslim community on every aspect of life, and guiding them on various issues at micro and macro levels. As their true heirs, the Scholars of Islam (‘ulama’) must be able to shoulder such a serious, but noble roles. They should come out helping and leading the Muslim community in the face of any grievous challenges.
The very framework of the West-centric knowledge system - human and social, pure and natural, and theoretical and applied sciences – is constructed on worldviews alien to the essential spirit of Islam. The sense of ‘sacred’ is perceived as no more viable, and the religion is seen as the greatest threat to progress and development. The West, through their educational institutions, especially at higher levels, planned and executed a paradigm shift in order to purge out everything ‘sacred’ and ‘religious’, and to weaken the attachment of Muslims to their religion. It is in the face of various intellectual and socio-cultural challenges, the narrow conception of science and the attendant methodological approaches -all mould in the crucible of the West that NRIC is seeking to revive Islam, not merely as way of life, but also as a way of knowledge, with utmost significance as well.
Hence, at NRIC, we believe that our graduates (‘ulama’) take the issue as the most serious one, and through concerted efforts they counter such threats. We aspire them to guide the Muslim community and humanity at large in every realm of life -religious, spiritual, intellectual, socio-political, socio-cultural and socio-economic, etc. This is because, we believe that ‘ulama’ are entrusted to act as the virtual heirs of the Holy Prophets of Allah (PBUT). 
NRIC is founded upon the educational philosophy of Islam, which in turn is inspired by the principles of hierarchy and unity of knowledge, in its intents, contents and methods. The principles of hierarchy and unity of knowledge, and therefore, our philosophy are based on:
recognizing Allah the Almighty as the Fountain-head of all knowledge (al-‘Allam); acknowledging Him as the Ultimate End of every human endeavors; and believing that His guidance (huda) as the absolute essential for human development.acknowledging that the knowledge shall be acquired, internalized and propagated for the sake of Allah, the Almighty, and for the benefit of humanity at large.


Muhammed Shafi Hudawi Karekkad

+91 9846902564
+91480 2837745


Affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University, Chemmad
Mullabad, Chamakkala-PO, Chenthrappinni
Thrissur-Kerala, India-680687, Ph: 0480 2837745

+91 9846902564
+91480 2837745

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