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 Maunathul Islam Arabic College, a confluence of both religious and material educations stands abreast under the footprints of Makhdooms and freedom fighter Umar Qazi (R.A) in the land of Macca of Malabar, Ponnani. An initiative by Maunathul Islam Association management affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University has already turned out an elite group of Hudawi scholars to the society.

            The institution envisions creating the broad minded scholars who could effectively discharge their duties of propagation against the challenges of modern strides and realize the exact needs of the people to excel in the field of Islamic perspectives.

            Enrolment to the secondary section is based on merit and intellectual potential of students aged below 12 who have completed their five year primary education at Madrasas under Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board through standard oral and written entrance tests. Students who have successfully completed their 5 year secondary program, 2 year senior secondary program and 3 year degree program are eligible for admission to its Post Graduate program in Darul Huda Islamic University. After completing 10 years period in UG campus, they are admitted to the selected Post Graduate departments of the University namely, Department of Qur’an and Related Sciences, Department of Hadith and Related Sciences, Department of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Department of Aqeeda and Philosophy and Department of Da’wa and Comparative Religion. Finally, they are awarded Moulavi Fazil Al Hudawi post graduate degree.

            It imparts education in the interdisciplinary fields of Science, Social Science, Political Science, Mathematics as well as conventional disciplines of Thafseer, Hadith, Fiq’h, Thasawuf, Aqueeda and Arabic literature without losing their uniqueness besides humanities disciplines. At present, it offers regular degree programme in any discipline (English, Sociology, History, Economics and Arabic) through central or state universities.

            There are several concerted efforts to illuminate the immanent skills of students by bringing about qualitative changes in their writing skill. Students are well trained in debate and discussion in contemporary issues along with the continuous practice in speech and writing. To promote these intentions, college is well equipped with good library, reading room, computer lab and science lab facilities.

            This premier institution that has the backup of 50 years tradition was inaugurated at the hands of renowned scholar and former principal of Baqiyathuswalihath, Vellore Sheikh Adam Hazrath on 18 January 1959. From that inception, it was fully fledged to devote in giving a strong foundation in interdisciplinary areas of Qur’an, Thafseer, Hadith, Fiq’h, Nahv (Arabic grammar) and history. Most probably it will be the sole institution from Kerala in framing a distinguished syllabus to cast religious scholars. In the beginning, the academic supervision was entrusted to K.K. Abdulla Musliyar (Karuvarakkundu) who was eminent scholar and honourable vice-president of Samasta Keral Jam’iyyathul Ulama, Malappuram District. Among the notable alumni are Panakkad Sayed Hyderali Shihab, V Moosa musliyar Nattika, Abdulla Musliyar Purangu and KVM  Panthavoor. In 1999, accepting new trends in reforms it was affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University.

            Established in 1959, Maunathul Islam Arabic College continues to be a veritable lighthouse beckoning and directing people embracing the spirituality of Macca of Malabar and inheritance of Arabian Sea without decaying traditional pomp and identity. 

           Run by:
Maunathul Islam Association, Ponnani
President: Syed Haider Ali Shihab Tangal
Secretary: Hamza Bin Jamal Ramli
Treasurer: Maqdum MP Muthu Koya Tangal


Courses offered

         1- Secondary
         2-Senior Secondary


            1- Al Gazali library
            2-Conference hall
            3-Computer lab
           4-Smart class room
            5- Playground

Students’ Union
            SAMIA (Students’ Association of Maunathul Islam Arabic College)


Sopanam (Multi lingual)         


TK Muhammed Shameer Hudawi
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