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Tanur is the birth place of educational inheritance of Kerala Muslims. According to documents Dars system was established here in 15th century at Valiyakulangara mosque. Many famous scholars have taught here many years. In that time it was the repository Islamic education. During Malabar riot AminummantakathPareekuttyMusliyaar,author of a revolutionary book which inspired the people to fight against the British invasions, was the teacher of this mosque. As aftermath of this riot British police confiscated the book and exiled the author. Absence of PareekuttyMusliyarled the Dars here in to the brink of ruin. According to the request of people well known reformerPangilAhmedKuttyMusliyarcame to Tanur and organized AsassulIslam Sabaand reformed Darsas Islahul Uloommadrasa in 1924. In 1931 he built a well-made building here as an extension of this Dars. This institution known as Baqiyaathof Malabar thanks to its resemblance with BaqiyathSwalihath, an Arabic college in Vellure, Tamilnadu. Many students from different parts of Kerala came here. In 1956 it begun to run under supervision of Samastha Kerala JamiyyatulUlama. In 1996 education frame work of this institution underwent to a drastic change through the affiliation of Dharul Huda Islamic University and it became the first undergraduate college of DHIU.


Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliar (former president of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema)



President:                    Sayed Hyderali Shihab Thangal
General Secretary:        CKM Bavutty Haji Tanur
Treasurer:                     U Shafi Haji

Courses offered


            2- senior secondary


            2-pangil Usthad library
            3-digital lab
            4-smart room, language la
            5. Auditorium
            6. Computer lab

Students’ Union


 Name of the Union:   IHSAN (IslaH Students AsociatioN)
 sub Groups:             Social Affairs, Media, Organizing Council, Publishing Wing, Vibhava Shesi, Students Physical Training  .

Publications or Magazines


            1- Bi-Monthly                           : THANIMA
            2- Arabic                                 : al nada
            3- Urdu                                    : aawaz
            4- Malayalam                           : anjali (poem)
            5- English                                : voice


 Mobile No   :9037226410


Islahul Uloom Arabic College,
Tanur Town, Tanur Po, Malappuram,
Kerala, 676302

Phone Number             : 0494 2440694
E-Mail                         :
Web site                      :
Facebook Page            : fb/islahululoom

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