Darunajath Islamic Complex, Vallapuzha

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Darunnajath Islamic Complex is the first affiliated institution of DHIU in Palakkad district. The institution which was formed in 2001, plays a key role in the moral activities of the place. Formation of the institution was the result of tireless effort of many unselfish personalities like Kamaludheen Faizy. DNIC is managed by a private committee which is led by Sayyid Swadiqali Shihab Thangal Panakkad, Athippatta Muhyudheen Kutti Musliyar, C.H Bapputti Musliuar, Sayyid K.P.C Thangal Vallappuzha and other.

Courses offered:

            1-         Secondary
            2-         Senior Secondary
            3-         Degree


            1-         Al-Mourid Digital Library
            2-         Smart Room
            3-         Science lab
            4-         Play ground
            5-         Jum’a Masjid

Students’ Union

      Name of the Union: NADIA (Najath Association for Devoted Islamic Activities)

NADIA (Najath Students’ Association for Devoted Islamic Activities) is the students’ union of Darunnajath Islamic Complex Vallapuzha, with the best and useful programs in campus as well as the programs outside, NADIA holds an unrivalled position in the field of organizing. The association was formed in 1 Feb 2005. It put the plans into practice through different sub-committees, which includes SRDB (Students’ Resource Development Board), Da’wa Board, Library Board, Speakers’ Forum and others, as DNIC is working under DHIU Chemmad, the association works under DSU (Darulhuda Students’ Union).

Publications or Magazines

  1- Monthly/Bi-Monthly               :Kiranam
  2- Arabic                                 :Al-noor
  3- Urdu                                   :Roshni
  4- Malayalam                          :Kiranam
  5- English                               :The light
  6. Journals                              :Thoolika


Sayyid KPC Thangal Faizy

Mobile No:     9447309780
Office. No:     04662235274
E-Mail:           darunnajathvallapuzha@gmail.com


Darunnajath Islamic Complex, Vallapuzha
PO-Vallapuzha, Pattambi- via,
Palakkad- Dt, Pin- 679336

Phone Number                    : 0466 2235274
E-Mail                                   : darunnajathvallapuzha@gmail.com
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