Darul Hasanath Islamic College, Kannadipparamba

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Darul Hasanath Islamic College is one of the affiliated under graduate institution of  Darul  Huda Islamic University established in 2001. The college is running under Darul Hasanath Islamic Complex which is a charitable platform for the upliftment of marginalized sects of Muslim community socially educationally and financially. The complex is established in 1993 by the visionary leaders Sayyid Hashim Kunhi Ba’alavi Thangal with the support of the magnanimous hands and well-wishes.

Present Governing Body

Darul Hasanath Governing Body consists of 40 members. Members would meet continually and take important decisions regarding the administrative affairs, mobilization and allocation of funds and implementation of project.

Darul Hasanath Islamic College was built in 2001 by the presidential of great scholars and leaders. Sayyid Hashim Kunhi Koya Thangal, KN Musthafa, KT Muhammed Kunhi Haji, Aalikkutti Haji, KP Aboobacker Haji and KN Fasi Moulavi were the founders.

Managing Committee:

Main Guardian:          Sayyid Aslam Thangal Al Mash-hoor  
President:                    Sayyid Haidarali Shihab Thangal
Vice President:            Sayyid Ali Hashim Nadvi
General Secretary:      KN Musthafa
Secretary:                    KP Aboobacker
Treasure:                     Aalikkutti Haji


            2-Senior Secondary


            1-Play Ground
            2-Library – DHIC Library
            3-Digital Lab
            4- Science Lab


AHSAs (Al-Hasanath Students’ Associations)

Sub Committee
Students Resource Development
Editorial and Publishing Board
Medical and RAF
Language Wing
Educational Board



Mobile No:      8547891091        
Office No.       0497 2797032


Darul Hasanath Islamic College, Kannadipparamba,
Narath (PO), 670601(pin), Kannur, Kerala, India

Phone Number                    : 0497 2797032
E-Mail                                 : hasanathkndp@gmail.com, darulhasanath@gmail.com 
Web site                              : www.darulhasanath.com
Facebook Page(Optional)       : https://www.facebook.com/darulhasanath

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