Darul Falah Islamic Academy,Taliparamba

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DARUL FALAH ISLAMIC ACADEMY is a meritorious educational edifice, affiliated to DARUL HUDA ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY, located at taliparamba ,in kerala, India. It was started in 2012 September under the stewardship of taliparamba yatheem khana committee. The committee which takes a lot of educational initiatives such as orphans and destitute home, Islamic Madrassa and private and aided schools was very concerned of the disappearing religious Islamic educational legacy of Taliparamba. In fact DARUL FALAH was a fruition of this gross concern. So the   institution is ultimately aimed at molding a generation well-equipped with both religious and material knowledge. Hopefully, who could meet the challenges of the contemporary world and perform the role of a religious propagator…

        Despite the curricular programme there are a number of extracurricular programmes such as writing and speaking  training  meant to horn up the latent talents of  students. The vibrant activities and timely intervention of the college union SAAF (Students Association of Al Falah) gives a lot of opportunities for students. When it comes to the infrastructures the institution possesses an elegant sophisticated building with highly facilitated spacious rooms. The facing vast play ground gives the campus an attraction


Courses offered

            1- Secondary



1- Digitilized Alfalah Library
2- Smart Room
3- Computer Lab
4- Play Ground etc.

Students’ Union

Name of the Union: SAAF
Vibhavashesi, Editorial board, PKV, Da’wa wing, Rapid action force, Medical board, organizing committee, library board.

Activities: Magazine Mega challenge, Quiz competition, group discussion, hijra conference, Quran Seminar, Mahlarathul Qadiriyya, Protest on uniform Civil code, Cleaning, treatment of sick, booxpo 2016,  etc.

Publications and  Magazines

Arabic                         :AL-MISBAH
Urdu                            :SHABNAM
Malayalam                   :SPANDANAM
English                                    :ART CAFE


Mobile No:  9048612283  
Office. No 04602 200753
E-Mail:        darulfalahtpba@gmail.com 


Darul Falah Islamic Academy,Taliparamba

Taliparamba (PO)
670 141
kannur Dist
Phone Number                    : 04602 200753
E-Mail                                 :darulfalahtpba@gmail.com


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