Sayyid Alawi Moula Daweela Hifzul Qur'an College Mampuram,

Near Mampuram Maqam
Mampuram PO, Tirurangadi Via
Malappuram Dist. 676306
Kerala India
Phone: 049423254167

Sayyid Alawi mouladdaweela Hifzul Qur’an College which was established in 1987, is a very reputed institute specially designed for the memorization of the Holy Quran. The student who successful complete this course get enrolled in the university without facing Common Admission Test (CAT). The campus is nested at the river bank of Kadalundi nearer to the Maqam Shareef of Shaikh Sayyid Alawi Mouladdaweela (The 19th century sufi scholar who migrated from Hadhrmouth of Yemen to Malabar and was popularly known as Mampuram Thangal) in Mampuram-2km from DHIU. A good number of graduate students are performing well in the areas relate to the Holy Quran today. The campus building provides all kinds of good infrastructure and clean sanitary mechanism which make the people from every corners of the society magnate to it. The students are provided education, food and accommodation free of cost. The available number of seats is 20 per year.

Admission Criteria

The entrance is restricted to the students of 7-9 age groups only who have successfully completed the 3rd standard of Madrasa education. They are selected after an interview showcasing their intellectual brilliance, skill and memory capacity. . The call for application is made in the Arabic month of Sha’ban every year, while the entrance test is held in the first week of Shawwāl. The aspirant should fill the application form available in the official website or in the main office of DHIU on or before Ramadan 20.