Fatwa council

The fatwa council l is an exclusive platform of scholars formed to deal with all kinds of newly emerging issues from the Islamic perspective .The council will analyze newly arising questions and accordingly, issue jurisprudential verdicts based on Shafiit’s legal texts and methodology. The council consists of scholars with good grounding in jurisprudence under the supervision of distinguished scholars of fatwa council of Samastha Kerala Jam’iyyathul Ulama.

Papers of fiqh
  • The theory of higher objectives and intention of Islamic law
  • The theory of maxims of Islamic law
  • The origin and evolution of Islamic jurisprudence and schools thereof
  • The history of Islamic legal theories
  • The zakath and law of inheritance in the view of four schools of jurisprudence
  • The sources of Islamic law (maṣadir al shari’a)
  • Ijthihad
  • Islamic banking