Department of Hadith and Related Sciences

The Department aims an in-depth study of Prophetic Hadith and Sirah that is by developing a unique curriculum equally giving importance both to classical and modern literatures. It strongly promotes interdisciplinary researches by relating hadith with other branches of social sciences through its “thematic study of Hadith”. Its special project on India’s contribution to the study of Hadith has got appreciations from various parts. It also promotes tahqiq of classical Hadith works and manuscripts of Indian Hadith scholars. Therefore department collaborates with various institutions like Dairat al-Ma’arif al-Uthmaniya of Hyderabad, Khuda Bakhsh Library of Patna, Asiatic Society of Calcutta. Every year an outdoor programme called Rihla, a trip to historical centers of hadith, is conducted in this regard.

Papers/Courses Offered
  • Methodology of Hadith Scholars (Manahij al-Muhaddithin)
  • Origin and Development of Hadith Compilation
  • Extraction of Hadith (Takhrij al-Hadith)
  • Hadith Criticism
  • Contemporary Issues in Sunnah
  • Thematic Study of Hadith (Hadith Mawdu’i)
  • Literary Study of Hadith (Dirasah Adabiyyah li Sunnah Nabawiyyah)
  • New Trends in Sirah