Department of Aqeedah& Philosophy

The department of Aqeedah and Philosophy is a blend of three major aspects of Islamic Intellectual legacy, namely, Ilm al-Kalam (Islamic theology), Philosophy and Tasawwuf. The students are required to study papers pertaining to the classical and contemporary issues and trends of these three disciplines with an objective to produce scholars of great erudition in Islamic thought. Upon the completion of the course, thus, the students will be able to clearly elaborate classical legacy of Islam and to read them in the light of contemporary period. Similarly, they will be able to cope with the intellectual, ideological and ethical challenges facing Islam in particular and humanity at large.

Papers/Courses Offered
  • Issues in Usul al-Din (Islamic theology)
  • Early Development of Islamic Thought
  • Later Development of Islamic Thought
  • Origin and Development of Tasawwuf
  • Issues in Tasawwuf
  • Ancient Schools of Philosophy
  • History of Islamic Philosophy
  • Contemporary Western Philosophy