Centre for Public Education and Training (CPET)

CPET is an unprecedented attempt by DHIU to plan, design and implement various educational and training programs aimed at different groups of public. Established in January 2012, the CPET has started engaging in the process of educating the ummah by providing the long and short term diploma and Certificate courses. CPET now offers the following courses:

  • 1. Diploma in Transformational Leadership for Imams (1 year)
  • 2. Certificate course in Islamic Concept and Practices for women (1 year)
  • 3. Trainers’ Training for women (12 workshops)
  • 4. Happy Family Workshop for women (4 Classes)
  • 5. Thaswfiya Vacation Courses
Diploma in Transformational Leadership for Imams (1 year)

This course was designed aiming at providing rigorous training for Imams, who are working as imams in Muslim localities, to utilize and apply the state-of-the -art modes and mechanisms in their services. It, also, envisages transforming the imams as a positive catalyst for bringing changes at grass root level, by enabling them to enhance their skills in workmanship. Moreover, it equips them with skills to build social harmony attitude for making inclination towards developmental efforts of nation.

This one year course provides distinctive practical sessions including mahallu work and counseling and a three-days long residential camp at the end of the course. DHIU will confer certificates to those who pass the examination.

  • General psychology and counseling skills
  • Professional modes of social service
  • Leadership quality
  • Awareness about the past and present of Islam
  • Effective public speaking
  • Total seat in a batch : 40
  • Last Date for Application Shawwal 25 and RabeeulAkhar 25
  • For Details contact coordinator: 8089158520



Any Islamic Religious scholar who has one-year experience, as an Imam in any Muslim Locality will be eligible to apply for thecourse (Medium of Instruction will be Malayalam).

Course Duration

One Year, once in three weeks, starting from Magrib on Monday and ending by 3pm on Tuesdays, 11 working hours,10 classes in 7months = 110 hours, + a 3daycamp – total 125 hours.

Course Fee

INR 5000 per head 50% of the course fee will be provided as scholarship for eligible candidates either by sponsors or by DHIU.

Examination and evaluation

will be a constant method, Evaluation may be mainly based on three out puts of the course a) Knowledge Development, b)Skill development, c) Application .Thus all the assignments, Project, class activities and class participation will be evaluated

Certificate Course in Islamic Basics and Concepts

The aim of this course is to shape a bunch of talented women propagators who are capable to educate the flock around them about Islam and host of exemplary housewives catering them religious sense and enrich their Islamic knowledge.Rather, it paves path for women to familiarize with law s of jurisprudence in the issues related to them.

The study centre would be only established, if about 30, at least, registered for the course.Application, contact classes and the coordinator of the study centre will synthesize course work.

The course offers following subjects:

  • Jurisprudence of women (fiqhunnisva)
  • Aqai’d-ul- Islam
  • Self purification (tasfiayat al-nafs)
  • Usrat-ul-Muslim

Thaswfiya: Vacation Camps

DHIU is committed to help society, especially adolescent generation, accomplish cultural, educational, and moral uplift and empowerment. In order to fulfill this aim, DHIU designed vacation camps for adolescent boys and girls in April and May.

Prominently, this course provides the right direction for students to move ahead into a bright future and select appropriate career.

The course offers following subjects:

  • Career Guidance
  • Life Skill Education
  • Stress Management
  • Islamic Personality Development

Happy Family Workshop

Happy family workshop is conducted under supervision of experienced women trainers as help for married women for keeping a happy family. In every month, four workshops are being conducted in all centers. Main subjects for the class are:

  • Developmental stages
  • Adolescent management
  • Pre & post marital training