IVth International Conference on Qur’anic Interpretations




IVth International Conference on Qur’anic Interpretations

Diversity and Pluralism: A Qur’anic Perspective


Department of Qur'an & Related Sciences is a postgraduate department of Darul Huda Islamic University, Kerala, India. To bring out fresh researches on relevant areas of Qur'anic Studies, the Department organizes an annual series of International Conference on Qur'anic Interpretations (ICQI). The focus of the fourth ICQI series is: “Diversity and Pluralism: A Qur’anic Perspective”. For this, we host experts, academicians and research scholars to convey their perspectives on the sub-themes of the conference.



The Holy Qur'an has provided social, economical, judicial and familial instructions for the whole mankind to pursue the straight path. However, the rising of allegations and misconceptions spread over the globe on the contextual and structural formalities of Qur'anic laws cannot be overlooked. In order to develop a positive inclination towards Qur'anic principles this conference aims to set a wider platform for versatile scholars, academicians, experts and research scholars to exchange their knowledge related to the topic.

Qur'anic studies have been emerging as a vibrant field of research among scholars both in the West and the East. This is apparent in the recent trends of scholarly contributions through different forms including books, research papers, conferences, workshops, seminars, debates and the likes. Adding to such endeavors, this conference aims to explore the Diversity and Pluralism: A Qur’anic Perspective.



Topics of interest for submission include, but are not restricted to:

Kalimah Sawāʾ: Possibility of Interfaith Dialogue

·   The Approach of the Qur'an towards “Religious Others”.

·   Shared Rituals: Uses of the Qur'an

·   Legitimization of Diversity and Pluralism in the Qur'an.

·   Pluralistic Interpretation in Formative Periods of Tafsīr.

·   Disputation (Jadal) and Invitation (Daʿwa) in Islam.

Qur'an as a Constitution of Minority Movement among Polytheistic Society.

·   Lisān al Qawm (14:4) and Ethno-linguistic Pluralism

·   Qur'anic Perspective in Minority Issues.

·   The Concept of Wasṭiyyah (2:143).

·   The Validity of Other Legislation in a Qur'anic Dialogue.

·   Legitimacy of State Sovereignty in the Qur'an.

·   The Qur'an and Freedom of Expression.

·   Sharʿī  and the Qur'anic Viewpoint on Democracy.

·   Qur'anic Guidance on Medina Charter.

·   Concept of al-Ummah and the Qur'an.

·   Waṭaniyyah and Nation-state: Comparison in Light of the Qur'an.

Multi-culturalism and the Qur'an

·   The Qur'anic Response to the Existing Culture in its Formative Period.

·   Arts and Architecture based on the Qur'an.

·   Assimilation of Cultures into the Qur'anic Paradigm.

·   Samḥa Concept Compared with Tolerance.

·   The Quran's Engagement with Modernity


Submit abstract – not exceeding 200 words along with a short biography to icqi@dhiu.in
not later than 1 January 2019. The abstract should clearly mention the research problem, objectives, research methodology and expected results of the study.


Final paper should consist of 3,500 – 6,000 words, inclusive of footnotes, in the 'Times New Roman' with font size of 12 for English, 'Traditional Arabic' with size of 16 for Arabic; line spacing should be 1.5. The title of the paper should be bold in font size 16. The name of the author(s) should be in font 16 and Italic. All the footnotes should be in “Times New Roman” and font size 10.
Submission must be word processed, compatible with Microsoft word 2007, and should be sent to
icqi@dhiu.in as arranged in the following order:
--Conference title
--Paper title
--Author's name
--Author' saffiliation

The footnotes and bibliography must be sent in Chicago format. No hard copies are accepted.

The medium of conference would be English and Arabic. Papers submitted in other
languages will not be entertained.
Only PPTs are allowed. Authors will be given 10 minutes for presentation of the paper followed by 20 minute Q and A session.

The peer reviewed papers will be published by the Department of Qur'an and Related Sciences.


There is no fee for registration, accommodation, or meals for those who are invited to present their papers, but all delegates will be expected to cover their own travel costs. Further information will be made available via the conference website.


The conference will be held on March 03 at the varsity auditorium of Darul Huda Islamic
University, Chemmad, Malappuram, Kerala, India. It starts with an inauguration session on the morning of 03 Sunday March and ends with a valedictory session in the evening.
More information can be found on our website: www.icqi.in



31 December 2018 Deadline of Abstract Submission
10 January 2019 Notification of Acceptance
10 February 2019 Full Paper Submission
03 March 2019 Conference Date



Prof.Muhammed Ishaq Baqawi
(Head, Dept. of Qur'an& Related Sciences, DHIU)
Prof.CH Shareef Hudawi
(Faculty, Dept. of Qur'an& Related Sciences, DHIU)

Saidalavi KK
(Convener, ICQI Program Committee)


Prof. Suhail Hudawi
(International Islamic University Malaysia)
Prof. Dr.Muhammed Hashim Nadwi
(Faculty, Dept. of Qur'an& Related Sciences, DHIU)
Abdul Vahid PT
(Chairman, ICQI program committee)




The secretariat, ICQI
Department of Qur'an & Related sciences
Darul Huda Islamic University,
Kerala, India-676306
E-mail : icqi@dhiu.in
Whatsapp : 9544 08 42 34