Admission to Hifz Campus

DHIU enrolls to its Hifz Campus only bright and talented students of 7-9 age groups who have completed/ are completing their three-year primary education provided at recognized local Madrasas. Admission to the Campus is based only on merit and intellectual potential of students that are evaluated through standard entrance tests. This is because, DHIU believes that only intelligent students will be capable to pursue the task of memorization of the Holy Qur’an properly. The students who successfully complete the Hifz program are directly promoted to the Secondary program of the University. The notifications of application are made in the Arabic month of Sha’ban every year, while the entrance tests are held in the first week of Shawwal. The Hifz campus situates in the vicinity of Mamburam Maqam, the mausoleum of Sayyid Alawi Mouladdaweela (1752-1845), the revolutionary Sufi leader of the 19th century Malabar.

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