Sibaq is a national intercollegiate arts fest conducted biennially among the whole students of the University. This is aimed at promoting the skills of students and strengthening the collaboration and intimacy among the DHIU Community. At the first phase, a selection round of participants is conducted in each and every affiliated college. All the selected students are required to compete in an elimination round conducted in selected affiliated colleges, which is the second phase. University Central Campus hosts the Grand Finale, the final phase of the fest and it is regarded as one of the most standard Islamic arts fests in Kerala.

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Besides the curricular activities, the educational system of DHIU gives emphasis to the co-curricular activities too. To realize the first-hand experience of the society in which they live, students undertake study tours and academic journeys both inside and outside the nation. Through various journeys, students are expected to get exposure to the outer campus realities and the opportunitiesof propagating Islam. Academic Rihlas of various postgraduate departments are aimed at enhancing the knowledge of relevant research scholars in their fields of specialization.

Ramadan Rihla

During the Ramadan Vacation, students are persuaded to travel outside of the Kerala State to engage in community empowerment activities. Since the majority of Muslim community in north India suffers from severe religious and socio-educational backwardness, Ramadan Rihla is meant to guide them to the integrated model of Islamic higher education. From the early nineties, Darul Huda has been conducting Ramadan Rihlas which eventually became instrumental to the establishment of National Institute of Islamic and Contemporary Studies (NIICS) and outer-Kerala campuses.



A 120-Hour long social service is compulsory under the curriculum of the University. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are mandated to serve the society through various voluntary activities like village survey, conducting training classes, cultural and religious programmes. Various outreach programmes of the University encourage the students for earnest social services.


Arabic and English Debate Clubs are active in the campus engaging in diverse effective programs. The international standards have been maintained in these debate competitions. The University has collaborations with globally renowned debate initiatives including the Qatar Debate.