Sibaq is the inter collegiate art fest conducted biennially and the last version of the fest was conducted this year. The art fest is competed by more than two thousand students in more than hundred programmes. This is aimed at promoting the skills of the students in various branches of arts like linguistic skills, writing, speech and presenting ability. Students get opportunities to hone their skills through the competition being held in two phases. Students are categorized into various groups according to the class standards.

Academic Rihla

Besides the curricular activities, the educational system of DHIU gives emphasis to the co-curricular activities too. To realize the first-hand experience of the society in which they live, students undertake study tours and academic journeys both inside and outside of the nation. Through the various journeys students get exposure to the outside campus realities and and the opportunity to propagate Islam. Departments conduct academic journeys to enhance their knowledge in specializations.

Social service

120- Hour long social service is compulsory under the curriculum of the university. Both under graduate and post graduate students are mandated to serve the society through various voluntary activities like village survey, conducting training classes and the cultural and religious programmes. This is as part of outreach programme of university through which students are instilled the sense of service.

Debate clubs

arabic and English clubs are active in the campus with students engaging in competition periodically. The international standards have been maintained in these debate competitions. DHIU has joined international debates clubs like Doha debate club to participate students in their sdebate competitions.